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    OMIZU II bonds

    A collection from sisters

    A wardrobe edit by our creative director, Oroma Cookey-Gam and Ozzy Etomi, writer and designer.


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    Our second collection from the Omizu series is about the freedom that exists within sister bonds. That delicate balance between the freedom of being and the necessity of grounding. A season-less type of connection, a bond that is a safe space to thrive.

    Our first collaboration was with Dodos Uvieghara, beauty entrepreneur/influencer, founder, Iamdodostyle. The title, “Omizu” means “My Sister” in Dodos’ local dialect, Okpe.

    For us, this season is about growth. On the back end we are dreaming about and working towards bigger ways to share our beautiful vision of Nigerian made – the resources, people and culture behind it. We have also for the first time created a collection in color and very bold color at that. We are excited for that bit of growth and have Ozzy to thank for the push.

    The natural beauty of Indigo and the rawness of cotton’s greige are complemented by bright colours in earth tones – dirty yellow, dusty pink and naked brown.

    For each style, there’s an option in indigo/greige and an option in colour/print – a special treat for sisters.

    Collaborating on Omizu with Ozzy was a no-brainer for us. We love her design sensibilities and have followed her journey from the Caven Etomi days.

    We have a similar enough sense of style and a huge love for shirts. The 10-piece capsule features a shirt dress, a kaftan shirt dress and our take on a classic shirt.

    The collection is inspired by the era of lounge working and the new life that we’ve found ourselves living since COVID. We’ve found ourselves working all the time and more than anything, want to stay comfortable while at it. We’ve designed a look for every moment – everyday work, board meetings, party, brunch, drinks, errands, lounge and play – each piece sexy, comfortable and versatile.


    Photography and style direction: Wami Aluko
    Models: Oseyi Etomi & Oroma Cookey-Gam
    Make Up: Dartistebydodos
    Shoes: Shekudo

    Production: Sheila Chukwulozie
    Production Assistance: Tobi Onitimirin
    Words: Oroma Cookey-Gam & Oseyi Etomi
    Film: Osione Itegboje