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    A wardrobe edit co-created by our Creative Director, Oroma Cookey-Gam and beauty entrepreneur/influencer, founder of IamDodos, Dodos Uvieghara. 


    Sisters of Simplicity

    Clothes so versatile a woman always finds them fitting — pieces chameleon enough for her to get away with making them staples.

    Meeting sisters - Dodos

    On a recent trip to my hometown in Sapele, Delta State, I discovered the word OMIZU. My mom and my aunties would go to the market and the women would greet each other cheerily, "Omizu", "My sister."

    I knew working with Oroma on a collection for women would be a delicate but invigorating experience. Our brands share similar values – finding beauty in the essential aspects of daily life.

    I wanted clothes that feel like me: pieces that capture the beauty of women in my hometown, the mothers who run the markets, my elder sisters linked by soil, whose strength make me who I am.

    Creating consciously for us is about making with people: the access to a wider context of experiences to create fashion that is relevant.

    Seamless style

    Sisterhood is an instinctive connection that allows you to be. You know it because you'll do anything for her and you'll always stand by her. You thrive on your similarities and respect your differences. It's a never ending journey that seems like it's always been.

    Textile Design - Oroma

    The textile design explores techniques used in South West Nigeria (Adire), traditional northern methods and a style that is similar to Japanese Shibori dyeing. I designed all the textile mentally – imposing various levels of control on the interaction between indigo dye and cotton. I knew I wanted prints that exposed the true nature of each fabric and as a result its underlying beauty.

    To explore in real life, I called up Vetum Galadima – the only person I knew who had explored dyeing as a craft and was open minded enough to explore my ideas with me. Together we took to the indigo pits in Kano, with my instructions in hand and the confidence of Vetum’s 3 year exploration of Adire dyeing in Osun state. We knew we would create something different but hoped it would be beautiful.

    We learned that the more control one has over the interaction between dye and fabric, the more predictable the outcome and as result the easier it is to perfect the technique. Conversely, less control led to more unique outcomes. We appreciate the beauty in both the precision design and in the slow and organic perfection. The result is that no two garments in these prints can ever be the same.


    Photography by Kachi Eloka
    Film directed by And The Mood
    Film edited by Koye O
    Words by Oroma Cookey-gam & Dodos Uvieghara
    Production Assistance: Deji Haastrup