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    • This is Us is Dodorowski

      We got interested in the religious symbolism around Lagos, so after a shared moment of inspiration with Dodorowski, the filmmaker/visual artist, we went on a journey to creating one of his signature satirical pieces; but this time on our T-Shirts. Black T-Shirts. 

      Shop the collection here.

    • How to design like an African

      We love design so we created a step by step guide on how to design like an African for our friends at Lagos Fashion Week. Its. 3-step process and you can apply it to everything. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts!

      Also if you love it, shop the poster for free here.

    • Our Sustainability Pledge

      We are fair and balanced, working together with people and the environment to sustain the health of the planet and its inhabitants. Use it with love, Get rid of it with love. This is Us.

      #sustainability #useitwithlove #getridofitwithlove #patchwork #revive #redye

    • Announcing: Black Party!

      Shop our latest collaboration with visual artist and critically acclaimed filmmaker, Abba Makama aka Dodorowski.
    • The Funtua Project

      The Funtua project started out of curiosity about Nigerian fabric, which led us on a search for locally grown, ginned, spun, woven, and dyed cotton.